Watch the first 5 minutes of The Ex: And So Say All Of Us (Their 33 1/3 Anniversary show at Cafe Oto UK)


Our features editor Bob Baker Fish saw The Ex play an incendiary show under a railway bridge in the Lisbon suburb of Barreiro as part of Out.Fest last year. As far as angular rock music goes, few compare. Live they are remarkable as the first five minutes of this concert film demonstrates.

‘And So Say All Of Us’ – Three nights at Cafe Oto, London.
The Ex 33 1/3 Festival. 29/30 November & 1 December 2012

“An exciting video registration by the Practice Tapes collective from Dublin of the three nights ‘The Ex 33 1/3 Years Festival’ in London’s Cafe Oto. The Festival was an ecstatic series of concerts in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and London with an overwhelming amount of special guests. In Cafe Oto they varied from stand-up comedian Stewart Lee, local Ethiopian dancers, soundpoet Anne-James Chaton and a dozen of top jazz-improvisers from all over the world. A video full of The Ex songs with different guests and improvisations in unique combinations.”

The Ex:
Katherina Bornefeld – drums, percussion, vocals
Arnold de Boer – vocals, guitar, sampler, trumpet
Terrie Hessels – guitar, baritone guitar
Andy Moor – guitar, baritone guitar

Stewart Lee – M.C.
Tony Buck – drums
Mats Gustafsson – baritone sax
Temesgen Melese – dance
Martha ‘Messi’ – dance
Steve Beresford – piano
Wolter Wierbos – trombone
Anne James Chaton – text & voice
Xavier Charles – clarinet
Ken Vandermark – tenor- & baritone sax, clarinet
John Butcher – tenor sax
Ab Baars – tenor sax, clarinet
Roy Paci – trumpet

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