Various Artists – Fractal Meat Cuts (Adaadat)




Community and independent radio rules. Where else can you find a fortnightly breakfast show named ‘Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone’ that specialises in noise and various flavours of sound design?

Hosted in the UK by Graham Dunning – an impressive visual and sonic artist himself – the show regularly features live performances. The release of Fractal Meat Cuts celebrates 3 years of broadcasting with fourteen live in the studio tracks.

Fractal Meat Cuts serves up a variety of noise. Both Shelley Parker and Thibault Autheman deliver tracks designed in a minimalist vein. At the other end of the spectrum Ura-Ana, and Mark and Sals, are less interested in structure whilst creating thick and aggressive textures. Stereocillia painstakingly crafts a hefty wall of guitar/noise out of ambient guitar detritus whilst Leslie Deere’s found tapes and field recordings are simply beautiful. A Zappaesque slice of ominous absurdity is found in Flangezoo’s ‘David Cameron Rat Lung’.

The charm of this record – in addition to its diversity – is the immediacy of the live performances. Tracks that may have been over thought or produced are just smashed out with great energy. Almost half of the album is untitled, attesting to the emphasis on improvisation. Kudos to Dunning too, for his canny editing which keeps things moving along.

Fractal Meat Cuts is a great introduction to both the compiled artists and Dunning’s radio show.



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