Molten Wing – We Seek a New Beginning (Self-released)


We Seek a New Beginning is the first release for Melbourne artist Molten Wing, an intriguing and immersive collection steeped in the deterioration of an archival sound library yet firmly rooted in the current landscape of electronic music.

The warmly inviting production of album opener ‘Go Back to Sleep’ washes over like Boards of Canada in one of their sparse, pensive moments. There are hints of the influential Scottish duo’s work elsewhere on the album, however this is merely a point of departure, a fading landmark in the distance.
After the warmth of the opening track subsides the album takes on a more sombre tone, which is quickly evident once the melancholy tape loops and decayed rhythms of second track ‘No Unwinding This’ begin to unfurl. This sense of decay runs strong over the course of the album, generally more apparent in the opening moments of each track, then becoming clearer and more focussed as it evolves; as if we are brushing dust from the music in real time.

Amongst the decay there is always something more immediate to counterbalance it, a beacon across the hazy terrain. And this fine balance is perfectly executed so that each part is given ample room in the mix. Textures are banished to the shadows forever lurking in the ghostly framework of the piece. Beats appear primitive, a natural extension of the music and yet another layer that gradually reveals itself from beneath the murk.

Molten Wing avoids the temptation to embellish or create layers of sounds vying for the spotlight and it is the restraint with which each piece is delivered that makes the release all the more compelling.

Whilst there is little information surrounding the release – information that may indeed be superfluous – I certainly hope that the musical world Molten Wing has created remains inhabited for at least a little while longer.

Greg Stone


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Greg is a musician based in Sydney, Australia. He runs independent record label Feral Media along with label founder Danny Jumpertz

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