Vittoria Fleet – Acht LP (n5MD)


Acht LP

Vittoria Fleet is the work of Berlin based duo Allan Shotter and Giada Zerbo who operate within the loose confines of IDM, musically similar to Warp Records’ stalwart Clark, particularly the stomping acid squelch of his 2009 album Totems Flare.

Their latest release is Acht LP via the n5MD label which sees the duo flesh out the sounds explored on their 2011 Kissing Cousins EP. Zerbo’s vocals once again take centre stage, calling to mind the seductive vocal delivery of Lamb’s Lou Rhodes. This comparison may appear lazy considering the musical territory (not to mention they are also a male/female electronic duo), however there are distinct vocal inflections that are undeniably similar. The vocals tend to stay within certain boundaries, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing (in fact some artists build their entire career out of this) but it’s on tracks such as ‘Frida’ and ‘In Winter’ where the vocals are processed slightly differently that they complement the production best.

The album can at times appear a little formulaic so when the laid back swing of ‘We’ll Wait’s arrives it is all the more rewarding. The vocal melody is one of the most memorable and the track also contains one of the albums highlights where after a brief lull midway through the track the music lets loose, allowing the crisp low end to deliver a release only hinted at elsewhere on the album.

The production on Acht LP is certainly interesting enough to stand on its own, sounding nicely polished without losing the crunchy textures.  The album should not only appeal to fans of artists such as Lamb and Ryat, but also to fans of electronic producers such as the aforementioned Clark.

Greg Stone


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