Flako – Mesektet Extnd (Project: Mooncircle)



fLako currently resides in London, England, and previously Germany and Chile. This hybrid combination of countries can be paralleled to his hybridity of production as fLako. HIs music can roughly be described as a jazzy fusion of hip-hop instrumental boom-bap with shades of Brainfeeder wonkiness.

Mesektet Extnd is – as the title suggests – an extended version of previous album The Mesektet, released in 2011. It includes ten unreleased or digitally exclusive tracks dated from 2008 onwards, ones not featured previously on The Mesektet, to a total of 29 tracks.

The reissue has some original ideas and wicked sounds in tracks like ‘What’s That Calling Me’, and great excursions into broken beat signatures with tracks like ‘The Sorcerer’. However Mesektet Extndisn’t ripe in overall album continuity, and fails to sustain interest for the listening duration. Quite frankly and personally, I didn’t really find the experimental beats particularly intriguing and I had to really drag myself through listening to the whole thing.

Ideal for wonky hip-hop DJs, this reissue would be great to research in utilising cuts and interludes within sets. But as the majority of tracks fade for outro, they wouldn’t be used to play all the way through.

Some of Mesektet Extnd was nifty, but this one isn’t going to hold an audience. I’d like to hear something from fLako with more sustained composition rather than something that seems like half-formed production ideas.

The album is available as a double vinyl edition or can be purchased digitally from all the usual sources.

Link: http://www.projectmooncircle.com/releases/139


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