Son Of A Bricklayer / Andrew Felix – split C21 cassette (I Had An Accident Records)


SOAB/AF split tape

Justin from US label I Had An Accident recently sent me some sounds in the digital world, and this split release was amongst some raw, rough and ready, beat-tapes, so to speak. A label releasing limited cassette tapes will always interest me, but the irony is most tape labels seem to be of the ambient variety, drone, electronic, komische – this is where I Had An Accident approaches from the other end of the spectrum. Still highly experimental in its outlook, the artist roster focus on the beat, no matter how twisted they are, and the cassette tape format suits the raw, distorted drums, a lo-fi ethic so encapsulated by the lowly tape.

I have reviewed a few Son Of A Bricklayer releases here, and if you’ve investigated those, this will not disappoint, those trademark rolling live drums are there, the sound shards, but this time with more underlying electronics. ‘Aquatic’ is a single track taking up the whole side, slowly building from Creel Pone like electronic sound experiments, a hint back to massive imposing sound machines of a forgotten era. The trademark drums roll in with a creepy refrain, morphing into a loose jazz drum break with warm melancholic keys. The last third of the track wanders into a moody soundtrack, holding suspense and intrigue just as John Barry would.

Andrew Felix brings us ‘Forsaken Worship’, which starts with a rush of synths, all warm and enveloping. A languid beat drifts in midway, but soon drifts out again, leaving room for a finale of choral synths, releasing such nice endorphin’s. Reminds me of early Fax or Apollo records, proving music can be the best natural high known to man.

Head over to I Had An Accident Records website to grab a copy before they are gone forever, while you’re there, check out the other sounds available, your ears will thank you.

Wayne Stronell


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