Issue 31 – August 2012


At a time when most online music outlets are churning out news content on a nigh 24 hour basis, it feels kinda weird putting out a magazine every three months (or increasingly, “whenever we’re ready”). A lot of panicked hyperbole is espoused daily about how the internet is killing our attention spans, but this issue of Cyclic Defrost focuses on artists that take time, and demand a lot of ours. Anthony Pateras has been operating at the heart of Australia’ experimental music scene for over a decade now, delivering beautiful, unnerving music that gets richer the deeper one explores. Here, first impressions are rarely, if ever, sufficient: investment and patience is required of the listener.

And so it also goes on the other end of the spectrum with Mere Women, a new goth-inflected post-punk group from the bowels of Sydney’ warehouse scene. Sure, it’s basically pop music, but with repeat listens the unaccountably complex interplay between synth and guitar is quite staggering: if it sounds good the first time, the third time it really “clicks”.

You don’ need a new album a week, or even a month: sounds become more embracing and fascinating the more you hear them. Hopefully the artists featured in this issue will keep you busy until the next time we hit the street.

Enjoy the issue,
Lex, Luke and Shaun


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