Issue 30 – March 2012


In the process of delivering the thirtieth issue of Cyclic Defrost, a great deal of change has been going on behind the scenes. Seb Chan, one of the magazine’s founders and former editor-in-chief, has started a new life in New York and we’ve brought on board plenty of fresh new writing faces.

Daniel Gottlieb is one such scribe who looks at the idiosyncratic, whimsical world of Moon Wiring Club. Later on, Samuel Miers chats with David Cunningham of The Flying Lizards, a band once considered one hit wonders now cited as a significant influence on contemporary Australian artists. Oliver Laing gleans some amazing insights from a luminary of electronic music, Michael Rother, ahead of his tour in March, while Luke Telford offers a reflective take on the continuing Deerhoof legacy.

We send our thanks to the Australia Council for their ongoing support of the magazine, as well as all our wonderful contributors who keep delivering writing that digs deeper into the musical subconscious of local and international artists. Make sure to keep an eye out online for our web-only exclusive interviews with Konono No1 and Amiina, as well as all the reviews for this issue.

If you have ever thought about subscribing to the magazine, now is a great time to do so. Along with the magazine delivered to you three times a year there’s also plenty of subscriber-only bonuses thrown in as well. Contact us for more information. Additional thanks for issue 30 go out to Hugh and the warehouse staff at Unik graphics, Michael Moebus aka Meem for his take on Cyclic Selects, and Alex Mustakov for our thirtieth birthday design.

Enjoy the music,