Food Pyramid – Plateaus (Wonderyou)


Food Pyramid - Plateaus (Wonderyou)

According to their website, Food Pyramid, who hail from Minneapolis, ‘use synthesizers and live bio-instrumentation to contact the Cosmic Beloved as Manifest in Light & Sound’. Such words would virtually guarantee that personally, I would file music made under the auspices of such a “new age’ statement as either being 1) Japanese 2) From the late 60s or early 70s 3) Made by musicians totally off their chops. The Japanese Wonderyou label jumps onto this Food Pyramid, distilling the most utterly transcendent and motorik moments from their three 2010-11 cassette releases on the Minnesotan Moon Glyph imprint.

It’s like Food Pyramid have completely absorbed the funkiest, most driving, spaced-out Krautrock classics ever recorded, and not even reinterpreted them. Rather, imagine a trio of androids jamming in a 70s-style imaginary space station who have only ever heard; “Hallogallo’ by Neu!, Stereolab and Nurse With Wound’ “Simple Headphone Mind’, hoary Krautrock classic “Mother Sky’ by Can, “Health and Efficiency’ by This Heat, Harmonia’ “Watussi’, “Vision Creation Newsun’ by the Boredoms and Tony Conrad with Faust. Anyone who digs this sound could add a few more pivotal musical moments in as well; where time stands still and you truly are connected to the Cosmic Beloved.

Starting off proceedings as they mean to continue, “Last Shuttle to The Red Planet’s just kicks straight in, with a sub-Manuel Göttsching style guitar high in a trance resonance, a locked, kick-heavy rhythm, gloriously unhinged synths and effects low in the mix. “E-Harmony’ heads in a similar Neu! inspired cosmic direction. “Speedboat Exit Miami Sunset’s reminds me of a strange mix between Cluster, Burial and the horn section of early 90s Brixton bass/industrial/indie duo Renegade Soundwave. Spacious and soulful; this is truly a stoned soul picnic for the senses.

“Sundance Kid’ pushes the light-hearted motorik formula into near twenty-minute territory, as the riffing, rumbling bass and tight, accented drums form a rhythmic bedrock for simple synth motifs, saxophone, guitar and amusing spoken word samples referencing Butch Cassidy’ offsider. Many an indie-band has pummelled the skins and slapped octaves into some semblance of a kraut Ur moment; Food Pyramid aren’ content with treading water, constantly moving the tune into new territories whilst staying true to the motorik ethos. “Last Light’s has a reflective, meditative sound full of droning synths and acoustic guitar; like the Cluster & Eno album on the seminal Sky record label, updated for the new generation of cassette kids.

I’m quite surprised that Food Pyramid have not been snaffled up by Amanda and Britt Brown, for their Not Not Fun stable, or maybe Olde English Spelling Bee. If the thought of Cameron Stallones from Sun Araw being possessed by the spirit of Michael Rother, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius brings a smile to your face, I’d recommend snacking on this Food Pyramid. Where most Krautrock revivalists in the past few years have been heading for the spacious synth manipulations and blunted textures of the Popol Vuh / Tangerine Dream side of the equation, Food Pyramid head straight for interstellar overdrive. You mightn’ need a brainticket to get their Plateaus, but it sure would help.

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  1. Yes Phil, I suppose you are correct on the retro focus – many genres of contemporary music are doubling back on themselves. For me, the jury is out on if this is a good or bad thing – it can depend on my mood and the approach of the musicians. You should definitely read ‘Retromania’ by Simon Reynolds if you have not already. 

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