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epigon A.D:M

Its always a pleasure when Sei, otherwise known as epigon A.D:M, gets in contact, you know there is something new on the horizon. Such a relaxed and humble person, just asking if I wouldn’t mind absorbing the sounds, and if some words come, please write a few. So its with something new, that I received some weeks ago, but have been absorbed with, taking it away with me on a family snow trip in NZ.

The complexity of the music contained on Volume Of Things Falling From Notice has shown different shades with the differing environments it has been listened in, the uneasy ambience, the creaking machinery, the ghostly voices buried deep in the mix, is that a certain 80’s singer (a favourite of mine) I hear buried in the murk of “Herbsts Note To Self”. This is something else altogether listening with headphones. “Escalators” featuring Noventa 90 & Yem Senha, hits hard with rapid fire rhymes, languished beats and a monstrous drone, while ““Lunge” swaggers with swirling strings and forlorn cello. Son Of A Bricklayer adds his unmistakable drums to “Burnt Pilgrims”, plucked strings, flute, crashing cymbals dissolving to a simple piano refrain and loose dirty drums, it always works when these two producers get together and make a track. The tracks continue to dissolve, becoming heavily influenced by Morricone, both his soundtrack work, and his experimental output, all interspersed with well chosen movie and political dialogue. More doom with P.Wrecks adding a U.S. angle, mellowing out again with “Deep Blue (Planted Audience For O’Brien)”, a last pitch at something lighter, more light than dark.

The Volume Of Things Falling From Notice does need quality headphones, or a sound system that can be turned up LOUD. Some truly stunning ambience has been created here, shifting between light and dark, but it is more to do with the restraint shown in production, the mixing desk as the lost instrument, everything seems balanced, you can even look through the murk if you listen closely enough.

Belfast born and raised, Berlin based, epigon A.D:M is worthy of your ears, try him here. This comes with my highest recommendation.

Wayne Stronell


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