Virgil Howe & Malcom Catto – B-Boy Bounce 7″ (Breakin’ Bread)


Virgil Howe & Malcom Catto

This is the first in the drum series from Breakin’ Bread, a label with its foundation in rock solid beats and breaks. Virgil Howe teams up with Malcom Catto as two drummers on their game, Howe from The Killer Meters and Malcom Catto from The Heliocentrics and curator with Jazzman, to produce two drum heavy tracks. No loops, no samples, all played live, two drummers dueling if you will. Smatterings of synth, tone generator and keys flesh out the rolling drums creating atmosphere, like a modern-day thriller. You’d think drum tracks would become tiresome, but the two short cuts, ‘B-Boy Bounce’ and ‘B-Boy Space Shuffle’ have a modern funk ethic that propels the listener to the nearest dancefloor; drum breaks never sounded so good for the dance.

Don’t miss this, you know they wont last long, and head over to Breakin’ Bread to keep an eye open for the rest of the series.

Wayne Stronell


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