Issue 27 – December 2010


Generational shifts by their very nature necessitate the consumption of music in extremely different ways. As the concluding months of 2010 saw the cassette Walkman exit portable entertainment history, we present the striking cover for issue 27 by Newcastle-based illustrator Jessica Brennan. Amidst a generation that is increasingly familiar with album art as a highly abstracted form – trapped as a digital rendition on an iPod screen – her take on the importance of cover design is particularly timely.

This relationship between the visual and aural is explored elsewhere with Broadcast discussing the organic process behind their multi-faceted collaboration with the Focus Group. Closer to home, Adelaide’s Melissa Agate/sanso-xtro continues our emphasis on strong female music-makers, and Samuel Miers explores the contributions to Melbourne’s avant garde scene with Sunshine & Grease’s Patrick O’Brien. Chris Hearn,aka Alps, provides another excellent take on Cyclic Selects further on in this issue, while Jacinda Fermanis profiles the elusive Fabulous Diamonds.

We also have, as usual, stacks of online-only extra content, including an interview with Sophie Hutchings and plenty of album and event reviews. As always, we value your feedback, so please do get in touch. Enjoy the issue.

Shaun, Lex Editors


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