Issue 26 – August 2010


Superficially speaking, Cyclic Defrost 26 is dedicated entirely to Australian artists. The point feels moot though, because it’d be a stretch to flag any of the musicians contained within as archetypically Australian. In our domestic critical climate that almost invariably favours the imported over home grown, it is easy to forget how healthy our scenes are, and more difficult still to identify the (always present) national idiosyncrasies they contain.

Numerous pages in this issue are dedicated to a celebration of enduring visions and pursuits. Clan Analogue‘ refreshingly argumentative history is traced by Chris Downton, while Andrew Tuttle follows Room40 (and Cyclic Defrost contributor) founder Lawrence English through a history of that label. Elsewhere, Alyssa Critchley provides a snapshot of a struggling Sydney underground, while Jennifer Moses explores a positively healthy one in Brisbane.

Cyclic Defrost would also like to extend our condolences to the friends and family of Adam D Mills. Adam sadly passed away on May 21. He was a contributor to Cyclic Defrost and founder of the Sound&Fury label, an endeavour that focused strongly on Australian experimental music right until the end. He will be missed.

Finally, make sure you check out Cyclic Defrost online for a wealth of new reviews and exclusive coverage from Sonar Barcelona 2010, including photos and a web-only interview with Nosaj Thing. Enjoy.

Shaun, Lex, Matt


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