Monk Fly – Fictitious Seven No. 2 (The Frequency Lab)


Fictitious Seven No. 2

The Frequency Lab are following their compilation of future beat science with Jahtari style virtual 7” EP’, with a deep dub remix on the virtual b-side. Know-U was first up in the series, which was seriously one of the best tracks of the year so far, label head honcho is second of the rank with “Bulleting”.

Glacial electronics pulse and oscillate around somber keys and a quasi dancehall stepper beat, another monster slab of Monk Fly cosmic funk, shunning current trends of overtly wonky electronics, taking its own path, shared by artists like Joker, who prefer the beat tight, and the synthesizers jamming in hyperspace. Jonny Faith takes on remix duties on the virtual b-side; skankin’ things up, and stripping things down to the riddim of gurgling bass and 8-bit electronics. While Monk Fly injects liquid funk into his tunes, Jonny Faith is shaping up to be one to watch, creating a hybrid of 8-bit dub, dubstep and hip-hop that will blow your mind. The bass and electronics on this EP are set to overload, and music of this quality deserves release on vinyl, I for one hope The Frequency Lab will commit some of their releases to wax in the future.

Available from; as well as respected international digital outlets Boomkat, Junodownload and Emusic, or iTunes if you must. Not to be missed.

Wayne Stronell


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