$.99 Dreams – Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet EP (self released)


$.99 Dreams - Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet EP

You’re already aware of how much I love $.99 Dreams, with their hybrid of spiritual cosmic jazz, grinding hip-hop beats, and murky analogue electronics. Scratching around for tracks on the web, some previous digital releases that will astound, the recent 12” vinyl release, and the fantastic 2010 album, it is now easier to get your ears around the $.99 Dreams sound, quickly following the release of 2010 with this digital only EP, Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet.

With this release, $.99 Dreams turn up their cosmic oscillators, like a mix of Malcom Catto, Sun Ra and the Silver Apples. “2010” opens with a tribal exotic ambience, before “Meteorite” amazes with its contemporary analogue mayhem, not unlike some of dubstep’ emerging hybrid producers, and some blind siding rolling drums, very reminiscent of Malcom Catto drums, or the psych-funk drum programming of MRR-ADM, this dirty drum sound suiting the $.99 Dreams rhythm section perfectly. “200 Million Miles Away” oozes Miles Davis electric period jazz, jamming with the Silver Apples on analogue oscillators. “Sirius & Vega” lays down more hard hitting drums, crazed saxophone, and just as crazed distorted electronics, while “Waiting For Rain” reminds me of electronic producer Move D’ electronic jazz experiments with proper jazz musicians. “The Question Remains” ends the EP with a straight up beat, threatening to break into a Latin swagger, but never quite getting there, as gurgling electronic bass washes from the core.

It seems criminal to me that originality of this caliber seems to go unnoticed, with their renowned live shows of almost doom proportions, and a growing discography of truly original future jazz, sounding like nothing else out there. Get your copy from their bandcamp here, www.ninetyninecentdreams.com.

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