Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics – Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentric (Strut)


Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics

Strut yet again brings the cream to the table, releasing this exciting collaboration between legendary world jazz artist Lloyd Miller, and the jazz outfit of this century, The Heliocentrics.

Lloyd Miller has been around for some time, around many of the greats in jazz, but has always added a worldly angle, exotic, and often eastern sounds heavily influence the jazz standards. Somewhere between Pharoah Sanders, Les Baxter and Sun Ra, Lloyd Miller compositions with a band of excellent players like The Heliocentrics sounds like an instantly satisfying collaboration, and it is, oozing sophistication. There is a nice psychedelic feel to this album, a thread of psychedelia that The Heliocentrics have become renowned for, and the track titles hint to this inspiration, sounds from exotic lands, jazz standards, tropical islands, and a spirituality only evident in the real thing. “Electricone” has a heavy Morricone influence, the song names hinting to the joyous sounds within, “Nava”, “Pari Ruu”, Salendro”, “Spirit Jazz”, “Modality”, “Rain Dance”, “Lloyd Lets Loose”, “Bali Bronze”, “Latin”, “Charhargah” and “Sundra Sunset” give you an idea of the sounds contained.

This is everything I wanted it to be, amazing players, evoking everything I love about jazz, the spirituality, exotic and other worldly visions of a true master of the genre, performing with a band whom seem to be able to do no wrong.

Wayne Stronell


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