Issue 25 – April 2010


Far from quivering anxiously in the corner, the 25th issue of Cyclic Defrost celebrates the joys of quarter-life, without the crisis.

Given this magazine’s history it would be easy to think that we might skirt around some of the more prominent heavy-hitters from times past and present. Instead, this issue we’re proud to present our writers’ takes on some of the most insightful pieces on musicians that have helped shape the contemporary electronic musical landscape.

Four Tet, Icarus and Severed Heads are all profiled in this issue, alongside new sounds from DãM-Funk. Jennifer Moses provides an insightful profile on DJ Spooky, an academic, musician, and author who manages to articulate so many sentiments experienced at the quarter-life mark, almost unintentionally.

Our cover is provided by Dave Fernandes from HAHA Industries and Lucas Abela provides a brilliant take on Cyclic Selects towards the end of the issue.

There’s also plenty of web-only features to check out, including an interview with Pantha Du Prince.

As always, enjoy.

Shaun, Lex, Matt
Cyclic Defrost