Akoustik Timbre Frekuency – Kthonic Korridors (ATF Produktions)


Akoustik Timbre Frekuency is a British dark ambient project instigated by Priapus 23. ATF have been active for a decade now, and have released over a dozen previous albums on various labels. Kthonic Korridors is a tribute of sorts to H P Lovecraft, the great American writer of weird and occult fiction. Musically, we’re visiting that dark hinterland bordered by the Tangerine Dream of Zeit, the Cluster of Cluster’71, and the Nurse With Wound of Soliloquy for Lilith.

‘Kult Future Repeated’ features high drones, cavernous rumbles, and what sounds like maggots feasting on dead flesh. ‘Date Arkitekt Responses’ chills the blood with the moaning of singing bowls, eerie bell-like percussion, and free-form flute floating in and out of the mix. ‘To Name His Kaptured Fetish’ features more low drones and weird, thick clunks and clanks – evocative of the nameless horrors and dark, eldritch creatures of Lovecraftian lore.

Priapus 23 suggests that this album be used “as bakground atmospheriks for Rites dedikated to thee Kthulhu Mythos.” I have no doubt it would be perfectly suited for that purpose. It would also make a fine soundtrack for putting your feet up and immersing yourself in that dog-eared paperback with the lurid 1970s horror cover, which you keep towards the back of your bookshelf…

Ewan Burke


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