Issue 24 – December 2009


Cyclic Defrost #24 cover

This issue of Cyclic Defrost balances on the cusp of the big time.

Heath Killen, an active participant in the Renew Newcastle scheme, has designed for us a vibrant cover that hints at bigger things to come. Inside we’re featuring profiles of artists who are about to break through; dubstep is covered by Perth’s Kito and Melbourne duo Editor, whereas dance and disco get a look in with a profile of Guillaume Sorge of Dirty Sound System.

Soul Jazz has released an amazing insight into the oft-forgotten soundtracks to Blaxploitation films and Kurt Iveson chats to Stuart Baker about rarities, controversies, and why now was the right time to release the compilation.

Closer to home there’s also profiles of Ghoul and Holy Balm, Alps and Seaworthy, all artists who continue to push the boundaries. Long live innovation.

There’s even more content on our website, including reviews and web-exclusive features. To download Heath Killen’s iPhone wallpapers and other exclusive content just for this issue, click here.


Shaun, Lex, Matt
Cyclic Defrost