Eventless Plot – Ikon (Granny Records)


Eventless Plot is something of a misnomer, as the post-clicks n’ cuts electroacoustics of this Greek ensemble displays more confidence and direction than most in this game. The three-piece use a variety of organs, field recordings and digital processing to create beatless flickering pieces that resemble the work of 12k artists like Seaworthy and Sawako. It’s almost ambient, but too unsettling, with wavering sine tones touching on almost-painful highs and a cold, reverberant din evoking the alien(ated) terror of the abandoned space stations of science fiction films.

In ‘Ideate.Words Cannot’s a bass drone looms low like a shark, forcing greater shivers from the surrounding waves, while ‘Ikon 3’ pits springy analogue tones against a spacious laptop-keyboard duet worthy of Alva Noto and Sakamoto. Eventless Plot are at their finest in dialogues of this sort, best demonstrated in ‘Harck Back’ where Tasos Stamou guests on clarinet, duelling with aquatic digital blurts like some kind of undersea jig, drowning in a submerged New Orleans jazz-joint in the midst of Katrina.

Joshua Meggitt


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