Schuster – The Brutal Arc 7″ (Adeptsound)



Englishman Tim Bayes has been involved in various projects in the industrial/noise underground for over 25 years now. This lathe-cut clear vinyl 7″ on new Perth label Adeptsound is his first release as Schuster. Apparently the prime source for the sounds on this release is a recording of an oxyacetylene torch in action.

‘The Brutal Arc’ is delicately sculpted and manipulated noise, although still maintaining a slightly aggressive edge to it. The use of loops creates odd rhythms, and almost subliminal melodies take shape as one listens. It even sounds as if there are ghost voices in there, but of course it’s an aural illusion. On the flip side ‘Cosmosis’ is reminiscent of Cluster ’71 or side 2 of Klaus Schulze’s Irrlicht – it’s a kind of kosmische/industrial/dark ambient hybrid, which is very pleasing to the ears.

[NB This 7″ release is limited to just 30 copies, but is also available to buy in MP3 format. For ordering info contact Adeptsound here.]

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