Leger des Heils – Memoria (Eis und Licht)



Leger des Heils is a reclusive neoclassical/neofolk act from Germany which seems to be the project of one Mario Ansinn. The band was formed in 1999, and Memoria is their fifth full-length disc.

The album fades in with the instrumental ‘Einklang’. A rumble of kettledrums and a low droning organ gradually become audible, to be joined by a synthesised choir and an insistent brass ostinato. The martial percussion continues on ‘Wie am Ersten Tag’ which features lyrics derived from Goethe. The vocals are sung in German, and are multitracked to give the impression of a small group of male singers. The vocal style is an odd mix of declamatory and yet gentle and hymnal at the same time – it’s closer to folk or classical than anything rock’n’roll.

‘Gotterheimat’s features a memorable chorus, and driven along by military snare drum and a subliminal bassline, this could almost be a hit single of sorts. ‘Sangerfahrt’s is based around a simple acoustic guitar chord sequence, strings and choir; and features lyrics taken from Ibsen. A yearning chorus melody and an underlying four-on-the-floor bass drum gives this track remix potential for an imaginative DJ.

The light melodies, orchestral instrumentation and churchy vocal feel make this a consistently listenable and pleasant album.

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