Various Artists – We Rise Above (Lomeanor)


Lomeanor is a new netlabel based in Almetyevsk, in the Republic of Tatarstan. We Rise Above is a sampler of the label’s wares, featuring thirteen artists, drawn mostly from Europe and the Russian Federation.

Barcelona’s Eldar opens proceedings with the mournful instrumental ‘Belte Oa Ena’ – a halting melody using strings and woodwinds takes shape over low organ drones and the sound of waves. Moscow’s I P Neva contributes ‘September Fog’, a dreamy acoustic guitar-led piece, gilded with breathy ambient sounds, deep synth washes and electronic chirrups. Amsterdam’s Inner-Voice take us into a ‘Strange Reality’ – which turns out to be a Tangerine Dream place of rich synth strings, Froesian lead guitar sounds, and twinkling high-end TD-style sequences. Almetyevsk’s Quentaro gives us the brooding martial industrial piece ‘After the Battle’, complete with portentous strings and booming kettledrums. The melancholy voice of Bretagne’s Lonsai Maikov floats over strummed acoustic guitar and keyboards on ‘La Peste de Cet Age’ – which ends with a little avant-garde twist when we hear the sound of a guitar lead being unplugged.

Classy sleeve photography and a 14 page PDF document with full artist/track notes round out this impressive release.

[Available for free download from Lomeanor.]

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