Death In June – The World That Summer 1986-2006 20th Anniversary Extras (NER)


Death In June TWTS Extras

The World That Summer was originally released as a double LP in 1986. It was Death In June’s fourth proper album, and has since come to be seen as one of their essential recorded statements. It’s been reissued a number of times – most recently as a 2xCD limited edition in a stone slipcase in 2006. That edition has long since sold out, but the bonus disc has now been reissued in its own right. It’s a short mini-album containing just six tracks, all of which are re-recordings of songs from The World That Summer.

Three tracks are solo acoustic reworkings from 2005-06, including ‘Come Before Christ and Murder Love’ – one of DIJ’s most celebrated songs. The other three songs are re-recordings from 1989. ‘Break the Black Ice’ is a haunting two chord song in 12/8 time with a Morricone-esque arrangement, featuring lead vocals from Rose McDowall, whilst Douglas P whispers sinisterly in the background. The disc concludes with an atmospheric song called ‘Rule Again’, which features dual vocals from Douglas P and David Tibet (of Current 93). Whilst Pearce sings the lyrics in his dreamy baritone, Tibet declaims them in his characteristic impassioned sprechtgesang style.

This is probably not one for DIJ neophytes, but those fans who missed out on the limited edition box set will snap this up.

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