Voice Of The Seven Woods – Voice Of The Seven Woods (Twisted Nerve/Finders Keepers)


Voice Of The Seven Woods

I cannot believe this album has not been reviewed on these pages, being one of my favorite releases from last year, I felt I had to step up and write a few words, better late than never… Released on Twisted Nerve, a label I hold close to my heart, steadfast independent, never one to follow trends, diverse and experimental in its output. This release is no exception to these rules.

The brainchild of Rick Tomlinson, has seen him release a steady flow of limited edition cassettes, 7” and 10” singles, and numerous self released cd-r tour eps (and I mean limited, less than 100 for some releases!), his early releases fetching handsome amounts on eBay. Don’ pay the big bucks, he’ been kind enough to reissue a lot of this early material, so go and check his back catalogue, and get on his mailing list so you never miss out on his future limited releases. Visit www.tchantinler-recordings.com for more information.

This, his self titled debut LP has bought together all of his styles explored on previous releases, from fractured folk, acoustic guitar melodies, kraut rock stylings and eastern influenced psychedelia, into a melting pot of sounds that sound like it has come straight from the 70′ and the present simultaneously. Rick’ guitar playing will astound, on Sand And Flames, Sayat Nova, Silver Morning Branches, Valley Of The Rocks, The Smoking Furnace and Dusk Cloud, his acoustic guitar skills weave soothing melodies, straight from the soul. This, contrasted with the more “electric’ psychedelic moments of The Fire In My Head, Second Transition and Underwater Journey, makes for a very listenable album, full to the brim with fine instrumentation, fragile melodies and fuzz guitar psychedelia. Anyone with a passing interest to folk, eastern, and psychedelic music from the past should investigate this contemporary take on the genre, you’ll find it the most rewarding journey.

With the current state of the music industry, it is refreshing to discover an artist with this DIY ethic, staying closely connected to their audience/fan base, not just intent on releasing commercial material, but also a steady flow of self released material that usually is quite limited, with hand made artwork, making the whole package something quite special.

Wayne Stronell


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