Son Of A Bricklayer – Shades Of Grey (Ground Floor Records)


Son Of A Bricklayer - Shades Of Grey

Net Record Labels used to be for artists relegated to the fringe, unable to produce a product that could be promoted to any market, this has changed dramatically, with many genre bending, original and creative labels emerging with one distinct advantage, the music is downloadable for free. One such label is Ground Floor Records, thanks to Bolaphone for getting me interested in the labels output, dark and dusty instrumental hip hop, melodic, yet mean, embracing experimentation. Fievel, from our own shores has recently released an ep, broadening the labels scope even further, the future looks promising.

I urge you to download their latest release by Son Of A Bricklayer entitled Shades Of Grey. Eleven tracks of refreshing beats, moods and menace. “Litarefni’ kicks things off with beats as hard as Tenshun and a space echo scratch that just eats into your brain. “Limbo’ and “Man Hunt’s ooze a claustrophobia that would fit perfectly with independent cinema. “Bloom’ takes this claustrophobia further with a smooth acoustic guitar lick, slowing turning it inside out to total abstraction. “Off’ rolls with the drums and creepy synth and flute. There seems to be a balance of beats/instrumentation/melody and mood, evident in the closing track “Peeling House’, rounding out a great album well worth checking out.

Son Of A Bricklayer should compose movie soundtracks, his production isn’ just another “abstract’s hip hop outing, its an emotive journey of timeless music. The drums are the first thing to astound me, adding to the new “dirty drums’ movement of beat production, but what makes this release more than just a beat tape is the atmosphere, arousing a sense of intrigue and drama. I highly recommend this release, and there’ no excuse, go grab it for free at

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