Spartak – Ostpolitik (hellosQuare)


Canberra duo Spartak is Shoeb Ahmad (electric guitar/piano/loops/computer) and Evan Dorrian (drums), and 2-track single Ostpolitik is by way of a taster for their debut album, which is due later this year on hellosQuare. On ‘Ostpolitik (draft 1)’ Ahmad’s guitar is pleasingly post-punk and angular – he even indulges in some Velvet Underground Live 1969-style rhythmic riffing towards the end of the piece. Dorrian’s imaginative drums careening in and around the pulse of the track take this to another level. Ahmad brings moody piano notes to the fore on ‘Ostpolitik (draft 2)’ which is a noir-ish take on the same musical themes as track one. All in all this is an energetic and atmospheric release from Spartak, and bodes well for their upcoming album.

[NB This is released in a limited edition of 50, so you’ll have to move fast if you want one.]

Ewan Burke


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