Sofalofa – Mellifluous (Bathysphere / Cargo)



Inspired by the recent birth of his two children, this debut album as Sofalofa shows Bathysphere Recordings co-founder Chris Cousins’ ambient electronic soundscapes imbued with a “widescreen’ sense of wonder that recalls “Not For Threes’-era Plaid. Anchored thematically around the topics of birth and childhood, tracks such as the gorgeously delicate “Florence’ place minimal IDM rhythms beneath treated samples drawn from such sources as a baby’ mobile, resulting in a deep listening experience that’s touched by a distinctly personal approach.

Cousins’ parallel film and theatre soundtrack work also exerts a discernible influence on sweeping cinematic moments here such as “Heartwarm’, which slowly builds treated cello drones over a backdrop of gently rippling piano notes and crackling electronic textures, providing a beatless counterpoint to the rhythmic trickery explored elsewhere on this record. Alternately melodic and sweetly contemplative, with the odd tilt towards darkly buzzing electronics (see “Counterbalance’), “Mellifluous’ certainly lives up to its title, and shows Cousins forging a distinctive mark amongst the increasingly-crowded IDM scene. Fans of the likes of Plaid, Adam Johnson and Proem should definitely give this a listen.


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