4 Layers of 9 – Trundle Clack (self-released)


This is Melbourne based musician 4 Layers of 9’s first abum. The sequencing of musique concrete sounds into a reasonably engaging mid-tempo clatter is comparable to Funkstorung at their more belligerent. There are melodies in there somewhere. Rather than make a virtue of the thematics directing the sourcing of raw sound data, as do Matmos, the artist’s description of the album infront of me is no more illuminating than to say that it is constructed from “found sounds” As these are obfuscurated by all the usual lap-top manipulations, for sport I’ll hazard a guess at teaspoons, bicycle bells, copper pipes, coins dropped on steel work-tops, shamisen and plucked piano wire. Really who knows but 4 Layer of 9 himself. But I’d wager my copy of “Dignity of Labour Parts 1-4” that there’ definitely a good millisecond of “True” by Spandau Ballet in there.