Egg – Don’t Postpone Joy (Mutek)


Egg is not, in my opinion, a pleasing name for an electronic music outfit. I think there was a “The Egg” who used to haunt the dreary free parties of my teenaged years- all damp weed, proggy trance and endless bloody-minded dub in rain sodden fields in the West of England. Their Montreal namesakes have improved the name slightly with the omission of the definitive article, but still, for a fan of music which prods and punctures with machine tooled brilliance, I would normally be inclined to ignore an act named after the comfortable ovoid.

As it happens, the rather better titled album “Don’ Postpone Joy” is a very pleasantly produced album of dubby laptop house. Akufen-like in its racing tempo and use of Spanish guitar samples, for the most part it wants for the ghostly swing which makes Isolee’ utilization of a similar bank of smoky, gypsy Balerica so seductive, the exception being in the track “Lunatic Flux”, where a strong, slow-burning bass line and what sounds like an extremely distorted cello combine in a track which could be peak-time Kompakt material. For the most part though, the atmospherics seem saved for the slower dubbier tracks of the last third of the album.