Editorial Issue 2


Welcome to issue two. Its been delayed somewhat by illness and the impact of Sound Summit on our general wellbeing and time. Since the last issue our print run has increased by 15% and we have hard copies in every major city in Australia now. Copies are appearing in far away places overseas and there is a general good feeling about what is in your hands right now. The online version has been rolling along serving up hundreds of megabytes of music to readers far beyodn the reach of the print version, however, don’t worry we are firmly committed to producing something that is readable on the bus and most critically, on the toilet.

One of the most posiitive things to have come out of Sound Summit is the degree to which local artists are starting to work and collaborate with their overseas counterparts. So it makes sense that in this issue we have articles on Southern Outpost who work closely with operatives in Detroit and the Perth-based David Miller whose productions emerge on Berlin’s Background Records. Our cover designers, Rinzen, operate out of Brisbane’s Fortitiude Valley but have a huge reputation across the globe as a result of their prolific output and collaborative works, most notable their visual RMX projects. Our other stories this months cover the explosion of Bollywood music in Australia as well as featured producers from Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and a feature on dubstep, a sound that has been tickling my earlobes over the past while.

We also know that quite a few of you fell for our little joke last issue, Adrian Ferra’s article on Newcastle’s Bloody Fist Records. Our “happy 10th birthday” present to our friends at Bloody Fist, was so convincing for some of you that notable music journalists were scratching their head wondering as to it veracity. In this time of destabilisation and the general tightening up of ‘freedoms’, reading your media, even your music media, with a fine tooth comb is your civic duty.

Enjoy. Make contact. Share your copy.

Sebastian Chan & Dale Harrison


About Author

Seb Chan founded Cyclic Defrost Magazine in 1998 with Dale Harrison. He handed over the reins at the end of 2010 but still contributes the occasional article and review.