Listen to ‘Lisa Marie Elvis’ from Dean Roberts and help Penultimate Press pay a massive fine


This heartfelt ballad by experimental New Zealand artist Dean Roberts comes from a compilation designed to help out Mark Harwood of Penultimate Press who made a little error just prior to Christmas. The collection features the likes of Rashad Becker, Oren Ambarchi and Crys Cole, Ned Collette, Mattin, King Ink and Francis Plagne amongst others. It’s also themed around the King. Why Elvis? We’ll leave Harwood to explain that:

“Just prior to xmas myself and my partner had dinner and some wine and being a lil tipsy we decided to watch a simple ridiculous film. We chose Elvis. This new Baz Luhrmann film. It was horrible. We lasted 15 mins …. I had streamed it from an app called stremio. Yes, I know, I know… Look we were drunk and being ‘free’. Here, in Germany, ‘they’ detected it and on Xmas Eve I copped a fine for EUR 935.80. Which is utter insanity. There is no way I can cover this and it’s due soon. From adversity comes this. A release I think is wonderful and very unique in the PP catalogue.”

You can find Elvis here.


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