Listen to premiere of Ned Collette’s new single June.


We’ve been big fans of Ned Collette since way back when he was producing semi improvised post rock jazz and everything else as part of Melbourne’s City City City. He’s since gone solo, moved to Berlin, and released six compelling solo albums.

‘June’ is the third single off his upcoming double record Old Chestnut. It’s a sparse atmospheric affair, clocking in at an impressive 11+ minutes, and featuring the gorgeous and subtle piano work of The Necks’ Chris Abrahams plus cello and vocals from Anthea Caddy.

This is what Ned has to say about ‘June’:

“Chris Abrahams didn’t really know me when I asked him to play on this, but the idea had occurred to me as I was sketching out the song on a tour which took us through the alps in Switzerland. We were listening to The Necks ‘Sex’ and I determined to ask him. He spends a fair bit of time in Berlin. He was very gracious, came to my house, drank some coffee then did a couple of takes on our little piano. Since then we’ve played together live on few occasions and it’s been wonderful. As if my music had always been in black and white and then suddenly burst into sepia.”

Old Chestnut is due for release on August 24th. Through It Records (OZ, UK ,ROW) and Feeding Tube (US).

You can find out more here.


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