Watch JAMBINAI 잠비나이 – 지워진 곳에서 feat. 선우정아 (from the place been erased feat.swja)


We first witnessed Korean outfit JAMBINAI when they blew us away at Womadelaide in 2015, with their epic post rock inclinations somehow merging with traditional Korean instrumentation. You can read our review here. They were a three pice then, though they have subsequently added bass and drums alongside their incredible Korean folk instruments: the piri (bamboo oboe), the yanggeum (hammered dulcimer), geomungo (zither) and saenghwang (reed mouth organ).

This piece ‘From The Place Been Erased.’ is from their new EP, Apparition, and features guest vocals from K Pop legend swja (also known as sunwoojunga, well known for working with 2NE1, Black Pink, and BTS).

This is what JAMBINAI frontman Lee Il-woo has to say about it:

“I thought swja’s voice would go well with our music, so I asked her for help. I am honoured that she willingly participated. Despite our heavy and strong sound, she understood its inner emotions.”

Apparition is released this Friday, November 11 via Bella Union. You can find it here.


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