Tegh & Adel Poursamadi – “Ima ایما” (Injazero)


Tehran based musician and sound artist Shahin Entezami aka Tegh offers some fascinating other worldly textures, buzzes, clicks and feedback systems alongside Iranian violinist Adel Poursamadi who plays considerably more conventionally. They coalesce into a peculiar kind of symbiotic relationship that exists in this uncertain realm where sound design and experimental electrics intersect with musicality, or at times the barest hint of musicality. There are such incredibly evocative textures at play here, there are genre collisions, fragments of Iranian classical music enmeshed into glitches, torn pads, insistent drones and deconstructed power electronics.

Not unexpectedly Entezami, who has released his work on the likes of Opal Tapes, Zabte Sote, Inner Ocean Records and Flaming Pines, regularly works in sound design and composition for theatre, film and design projects as well as immersive and 3d sound for Virtual Reality experiences. “Ima ایما” is the first of a series of collaborations he has initiated with other musicians from the acoustic world whose primary background is in classical music.

It’s very clearly world building, with each artist challenging each other and themselves, being pushed into unexpected new directions. The results are these bizarre unsettling futurescapes that feel pretty unprecedented. This isn’t a tentative exploration, rather both artists feel all in. It’s loud, aggressive (at times) and totally intertwined.

For western ears there’s a definite element of experimental exoticism in particular thanks to some of Poursamadi’s Persian flourishes, yet this is never the focus. It’s more about textures, of bows across strings, of reverberating electricity and shuddering drones. It’s new sonic worlds evolving and devolving. It’s the past and the future colliding, imploding and birthing something new, something unprecedented that exists totally out of time itself.


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