A Beautiful Machine – We Have Become Oceans (Self Released)


As we lamented in our sprawling end of year list the abundance of great music released in 2021 made it difficult to keep up. We aim to rectify that with this new summer series where we cover the music that we are ashamed to admit we never quite managed to highlight, yet have found ourselves returning to again and again.

As is becoming increasingly apparent Australian artist Skye Klein likes to keep himself busy. Whether its his electronic work as Terminal Sound System or his gothic metal shoegazer project A Beautiful Machine – which restarted in 2020 after a 17 year absence with the epic, highly personal King Tide (you can read our 2020 interview with him about the project here), he always seems to have something on the go.

Maintaining the aquatic theme of its predecessor, the 4 track We have Become Oceans EP feels more subdued than its predecessor, reminiscent of late night Bohren and der Club of Gore, more so than the epic symphonic swells of sound that we’d come to expect from this project. There is so much space here, with moments of silence or near silence as the starting point to the waves of sound. It feels like the music is breathing – slowly. I’ve heard his music referred to as doomgaze and that really rings true, there’s a heaviness and hypnotism to this, but you could equally suggest that it owes a lot to ambient music due to the effect that this music has on you. This is really fascinating music, there is so much going on whilst remaining a very idiosyncratic musical vision.


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