Listen to Robin Rimbaud & Michel Banabila’s ‘Step Ahead (Stop The War Mix)’ featuring Cengiz Arslanpay


Step Ahead (Stop The War Mix) comes from To Yemen With Love الى اليمن بكل الحب, a gorgeous collection of music from artists who have donated their music to assist people on the ground in Yemen.

As you’re probably aware the people of Yemen have endured five years of war decimating the country’s infrastructure and leaving the majority of the civilian population exposed to hunger, disease and homelessness. Not to mention the dangers of COVID-19.

It was compiled by Dutch sound artist and composer Michel Banabila, who has enticed everyone from Rutger Zuydervelt aka Machinefabriek to Anne Bakker, Rapoon, Pierre Bastien, Christine Ott, Radboud Mens, Stijn Hüwels and even Cyclic Defrost web editor Peter Hollo (Raven) to contribute pieces.

This is what Jamal Najjab has to say about it:

“We all need to do our part to assist those in need. We offer these recordings as our way of helping. With the purchase of our album, all proceeds will be contributed to two charity organizations that are working on the ground in Yemen, Yanani and Mercy Bakery. You will be able to enjoy our music of love with the knowledge that you brought some comfort to a Yemeni caught in this senseless violence.’

There’s some really great music on here. Particularly from artists we’d never heard before. It’s a digital release with all proceeds going to &

You can find it here.


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