JESUSLOVESACID – Tesseract 1 (Vitalik)


Ibiza-based electronic producer Ryan Gorman is best known as the boss of Vitalik Recordings, but the release of the debut album ‘Corpus Hypercubus’ from his new solo project JESUSLOVESACID a few months back saw him unleashing a dazzling and adventurous collection of tracks veering from ambient electronics through to leftfield electro and IDM styles.

Three months on, this latest 12” EP ‘Tesseract 1’ offers up a remix companion, collecting together the original album mix of ‘Play With Your Mind’ alongside three reworkings of tracks from ‘Corpus Hypercubus’. On the A-side, it’s the original album version of ‘Play With Your Mind’ that opens things here, offering up a sub-bass heavy downtempo electro ride through crisp 808 handclaps and sampled African vocals that sits somewhere between languid hiphop swagger and wide-eyed ambient glide.

If it represents one of the more chilled tracks from its parent album, elsewhere Canadian brothers Mathew and Nathan Jonson team up under their Midnight Operator with a reworking that retools things towards peaktime tech-house, with the original vocal samples getting curiously phase-shifted against an opulent backdrop of melodic ambience and clattering 4/4 rhythms, only for grinding acid 303 lines to suddenly slither to the forefront of the mix.

On the flipside, the anonymously attributed ‘Wax Works edit’ of Philosophy throws the emphasis back on cosmic proggy electro as dark bass synth sequences judder against dubbed-out ambient samples and glittering arpeggios in a manner that calls to mind one of Anthony Rother’s dark streamlined electro explorations.

Lastly, Appleblim closes this EP with a second remix of ‘Philosophy’ that strips the original rhythms down to retro-tinged breakbeat loops, allowing plenty of space for the intricate synth layers to fully unfurl against sheeny electronic sequences and sparse, moody bass pads. As a remix companion to the excellent ‘Corpus Hypercubus’, this EP is pure class all the way through.


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