Hear a track from Aleksi Perälä’s latest LP for трип


It has been a busy year for Aleksi Perälä with more Colundi releases, an album and new compilation of highlights for Clone, and now another new album, Paradox, for Nina Kraviz’s трип label.

Aleksi Perälä’s prolific career began with releases on Rephlex in 1999 as Ovuca and later as the mysterious Astrobotnia in 2002 (and Cylobotnia with Cylob) before he and Rephlex boss Grant Wilson-Claridge started exploring a new music scale for generative microtonal music. The Colundi Sequence series, now up to #16, has been a persistent favourite here at Cyclic Defrost and the each new Perälä is met with great interest.

Whilst Paradox uses the Colundi scales it is less ambient than some in the Sequence series, pulling more towards techno and electro influences. We’re excited to stream the 4th track from the new album, prosaically titled GBLFT1740068.

Paradox is out on трип on December 15.


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