Listen to Kirribilli from Pheek’s new ambient opus


Sandwiched between the ‘big ambient releases’ this month – the return of Wolgang Voigt’s Gas with Narkopop and the latest instalment of blissful ambience from Brock Van Wey on bvdub’s Epilogues For The End Of The Sky – is a little gem from Montreal’s Pheek. Pheek has been releasing records for nearly two decades now and you may have heard some of his earlier work on his Archipel label – alongside his mastering and post-production work for others.

The latest album, Intra, stretches to over four hours (!!) of deep ambient listening that is equal parts influenced by early century Mille Plateaux Clicks’n’Cuts, the bubbling glitchy dub of Stefan Betke’s first Pole records, and the aforementioned Gas and bvdub. The sound design of Intra is impeccable and instead of feeling derivative, the length of the album really helps carve out a distinct and quite alien sound world. Listening on good headphones (or alternatively a massive rig) is essential.

Here’s one track, Kirribilli – the whole album is available now on Bandcamp.


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