Various Artists – Nonplace Soundtracks: Scenes 01-25 (Nonplace)


Nonplace Soundtracks assembles twenty-five incidental instrumentals composed by Burnt Friedman (born Bernd Friedmann) and/or Hayden Chisholm over thirty-six-and-a-half minutes. The pieces, created for film, television or some other moving visual, are credited variously to Friedman, his and Chisholm´s quasi-dub developmental research team The Embassadors, Flanger (his duo with Uwe Schmidt aka Atom™), duets with guitarist Joseph Suchy, and Chisholm´s band Root 70. Although brief, the is no rush to the compilation, as the twenty-five Nonplace Soundtracks, some mere clues running sixty seconds or less, others “stretched out” to a full two or two and a half minutes, features swathes of bongo non-frenzy, ambient iciness, warm, cigarette breath of clarinet, short short circuits, soft lounging jazz, wah-wah chamber Western, Hassell-like funeral march and weepy violin, all cosily nesting side by side. Happily, it is said to be the first in a series.


About Author

Born and raised in Toronto, Stephen Fruitman has been living in northern Sweden lo these past thirty years. Writing and lecturing about art and culture as an historian of ideas since the early nineties, his articles have appeared in an number of international publications. He is also a contributing editor at Igloo Magazine.