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Have you heard much Lithuanian beats lately? Neither have I. Apparently there’s quite a scene and national pride there though. MiÅ¡a Skalskis aka 96wrld has been releasing single tracks on Lithuanian label Renegades of Bump and submitting mix-tapes at label Mondayjazz.

96wrld now presents a whole album for your listening pleasure – Private Language – which is released on label Error Broadcast, which features such guests on their label as Om Unit and Flako.

The overall tone of Private Language is one of multiple layers that can change in direction at any given moment. This exciting approach to trap/wonky is accentuated in the precise and warm attention 96wrld shows in all hits and synths, with each sound tailored warmly to draw and comfort rather than to jar to senses as other trap tends to do to me at times.

‘Slave’ starts the album excitedly, a bubbling, neon dirge of arpeggiating synths driven by a steady and bassy boom-bap. Private Language then settles back into a chill trap groove with ‘Eschatology’, led by rich bass and percussion with attitude, and trimmed with bubbling and soothing synths. ‘Pop Song’ is dark and minimal in 80’s-electro-meets-trap before breaking out into more arpreggiation and squelch punctuated by vox sample hits scrambling through the seething chaos of unpredictable bridging break-out bars.

‘Bruce Willis’ starts with harmonious and lulling chords before dropping into an insidiously and deliciously distorted blend of discordant clicks and humming high and low synths slowly elevating in note. The result raises the hairs on the back of your arms and is available for free at XLR8R at the embedded clip below.

‘Private Language’ is personalised and more focused with Markas Palubenka’s slightly melancholic vocals. This is complimented by disembodied anthropomorphic voice samples laced through bass and crumbling, loose drum hits which heighten in intensity as one of the more solid song concepts of Private Language.

‘Satta’ goes back to the more fun, trappy pace of the album, resplendent in cheeky voice stabs, warm bubbling synth and high pitched, elevating whoops, before breaking out into a bridge of spacious, brooding single chords and twanging neon synths.

All in all, Private Language has some highly original ideas, and brings wonky beats and trap finesse into a distorted, acidic and fun journey that charms and electrifies, and will retain the listeners interest from start to finish.

Scheduled for release digitally and in limited 12″ on 23 September, 2013.

Release Link: http://www.error-broadcast.com/


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