Jonny Faith – The Europa EP (Frequency Lab)



Jonny Faith is a former UK local now residing in Australia, and is part of the Frequency Lab crew, run by Monk Fly. His history of beats is rooted in the jungle/dnb scene of the mid 90s, and now he’s also involved with Uncomfortable Beats and my own media project (no, I’m not name-dropping here), as it so happens. That doesn’t mean I’m going to act ultra-favourable to Jonny or anything in my position as critic, it just means I’m more inclined to try and review him. This release was actually randomly sent to me by our good promotions people. (I apologise for the unconventional approach here, but hey, let’s be REAL.)

I was first drawn to his track ‘Rain Came Down’ for Uncomfortable Beats compilation Heliosphere, and he has pulled off wicked DJ sets at the Laundry and Black Cat in Fitzroy.

The Europa EP is sound and bassy instrumental hip-hop, but I wasn’t riveted by it. I think its main strength lay in basic and soulful composition, and simple formula that works in creating uncomplicated pieces that hit home with the essential sci-fi theme. I personally thought It was pretty cool that he completely reworked the Blade Runner theme in the finale track. The EP rolls along at a comfortable level, and then it’s gone too quickly.

Decent stuff, but I want to hear something like this with more length and something seeded as unique within its own content. I like that so many artists give the nod to sci-fi, but it’s been done before in so many ways.

Just more, please! I wish it was longer, and I know this guy has a lot more in him just waiting to come out. Basically, we review world-class electronica, so getting reviewed on here means that we see something in somebody that can stand up to the world. Jonny Faith has necessary soul and flow to stand on the global plate, and that’s why he’s recognised by kingpins like Flying Lotus.

I’m giving this one an average mark, because it’s an average EP in comparison with other music we review. That’s not a bad thing. It’s nothing stand-out, but the production is sound and the tracks are on point. That’s all that’s needed, right? Maybe, but I reckon he’s got more.


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