Son Of A Bricklayer – The Day The Sky Fell In 7″ (Content(L)abel)



New 7″vinyl limited pressing from Son Of A Bricklayer, and if you’re expecting rough dirty drums you will not be disappointed. This time he’s roped in some guests to assist in various ways, and it has certainly retained the Son Of A Bricklayer sound, but has tightened the production, being more polished, the lo-fi aesthetic is still there, but the sounds seem crisper, even amongst the murk.

“Oscillations” on the a-side is from an altogether alien world, paying homage to electronics not unlike those from late 60’s library records, discordant, experimental, other-worldly. Pounding rolling drums slowly wash into the mix atop a sea of bubbling electronic noises and bass pulses. Son Of A Bricklayer seems to build his tracks backwards, which I really like; weird intros, with crazed drum beats which breakdown to a head nodding intensity. Additional programming duties are courtesy of beat destroyer Tenshun.

“Delilia’s Suite” on the b-side starts with a six second cheesy Italian western intro, but quickly dissolves to make way for rolling drums, looped percussion and upright bass, breaking down to an uneasy ambience before a head nodding drum pattern comes to the fore, with only subtle sound atmospherics shifting under the beats. Featuring Epigon A.D.M offering additional programming, another name to watch, especially after his epic remix of Gonjasufi.

While so many artists shy away from instrumental beats, following the trend of dubstep and wonky instead, Son Of A Bricklayer sticks with his craft, developing his sound. More influences are seeping through, much more obvious with this release, but its still brooding, foreboding, heavy drum oriented music that stands on its own. I’m hoping this is just a taste of what is to come. So when will we have a full album? He’s a busy man, but I’m hoping we can hear more soon. Snap one up quick, there’s only 200… or digital of course.

Wayne Stronell


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