Mattin – Objects of Thought (Presto Records)


The notes on this album are a quite something, it reads as a primer to postmodern theory with a specific Hegelian/Marxist bent. It contains such gems as “Noise is the spectacle eating itself in an act of self-cannibalism” and “the theorist says: I am a moral bomb of incomparable power”. It is particularly caught up with the commodification of intellect, the problem of making material thought, the documentation of subjectivity and taking subjectivity to a self-reflexive point of feedback. It contains the general ramblings, cutups and reflections, intermixed with distortion static, tonal frequencies, plays on close microphone experimentation and many other effects.

It has that general anti-music feel of those who are trying to subvert music from being a form of cultural consumption, and to being a fast track to consciousness by shoving a spike of noise into their ear. But it is a particular type of social conscious, a specific political economic ideology that it seeks for you to buy into, which is the rub, it cannot escape its own ideology. The music encapsulates a form of ideological content that is generally within the genre of Marxist thought and seeks to subvert the capitalist commodification of the self. I still find it quite amusing and the undergraduate in me is rushing to buy copies of this anti-music product.



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