Various Artists – Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space (Tectonic Recordings)


Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space

Scientist has always been one of those producers who has mastered the studio as an instrument, creating bass heavy dub for decades, some of the finest around, and it was only a matter of time before he would try his remixing style on something totally now.

While dubstep treads a dangerous line of becoming above ground, and becoming adversely musically affected by the commercial mainstream, Scientist takes it back to its origins, when gargantuan amounts of dub and echo littered only the finest releases. Disc one contains all the original versions from Pinch, Armour (Rory Vex’d), Guido, Shackleton, King Midas Sound, Loefah & Sgt Pokes, Distance, RSD, Jack Sparrow, Mala (Digital Mystikz), Cryus (Random Trio) and Kode9 & Spaceape; while disc two brings what we’re really here for. Scientist brings killer Version after killer Version, but the standout tracks really mesmerize. Armour’s “The Long Way Dub” has an industrial unease, while Guido’s “Korg Back Dub” flips the half-step and uplifting keys, retaining a Detroit vibe, but really taking it to outer space. Shackleton’s “Hackney Marshes Dub” does the unfathomable, stripping back the Shackleton production even more, his production style is always bare-bones, bass and percussion woven into a minimalistic soundscape, Scientist stripping away half of the percussion, putting an excess of echo on key sounds. King Midas Sound’s “U Dub” reminds me of the Mad Professor reworks of Massive Attack, while RSD’s “After All Dub” picks up on the reggae vibes, fresh for the summer. Mala’s “City Cycle Dub” dubs out the eastern theme, with old school dub injections concentrating on the snare hit, while Kode9’s “Abeng Dub” skitters around the rhythm and machine sound of the original.

Available on double CD, and luxurious vinyl in a box set package also, my only complaint is I would love to just buy the dubs on vinyl, I can live without the rest.

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