Doc Delay – REM Sleep II (Six Ton Armor)


REM Sleep II

Doc Delay, probably a name unfamiliar to most, especially here in Australia, has gained an international reputation for being an all round DJ, but also for his record digging prowess.

REM Sleep was something out of the ordinary, and ever since word that he had started working on a sequel, REM Sleep II, forums have been a buzz of frenetic enthusiasm by avid followers. The snippet passed around the internet just fuelled this enthusiasm, with calls for a proper release, committing the mix to a CD format. It’s a hard beast to market, the mixtape, but there is a dedicated community international to create enough interest for this to happen. New French site, and now label, Six Ton Armor, contacted Doc Delay with a desire to back the project, making into something special. Limited numbers have been produced (300 only), packaged beautifully in thick card wallet, with art by Doc Delay himself, screen printed by Superheights in France, together with inserts, enabling the listener to lift the veil of mystery on the tracks contained, which acts as a great jumping off point to investigate more sounds from this era of fine psychedelia. I always view these type of projects as a great resource of musical history, allowing the listener to hear a master diggers selections, there is always some gold in there. This is the first physical release for Six Ton Armor, originally setup as a platform for sharing various global selector’s love of psychedelic music, which really needs to be investigated, so far with 15 Psychcast available to download, with original art by the very talented Rimrimrim. Amazing selections, covering such a broad range of what could be considered psychedelic music, and more respected selectors on the way.

REM Sleep II is split into four mixed tracks dripping with sweet sweet psychedelia, spoken word interludes, hopping from old to new tunes with ease, this feels like the perfect summer mix of psychedelic rock from the ages. The little known Morricone project The Feedback kicks things off in great style, before a string of unknowns Beacon Street Union, Nostradamus, Weekend, Dodge D Arte, Gattch and the recently rediscovered private press record by D.R. Hooker. Mashmakhan and Yankee Dollar follow with the instrumental of Dungen’s “Satt Att Se” plucked off the excellent 12″ of the same name. Bob Reitman educates us, followed by classic Silver Apples, San Ul Rim, Banchee, Chrysalis, more D.R. Hooker and Horse. The unknowns keep coming with Morning, Merkin Manor, Shalynn, Bob Smith, Zoser, Cupid’s Inspiration and Maze, bring the mix to a close with the great “Sandman” by Jim Sullivan. This is amazing stuff, I myself have been immersing myself in psychedelic music over the last decade, but many of these artists are new to me, that’s how deep the vaults of psychedelic music are, there is always something to discover, no matter your take on the genre.

If there ever was a mix CD that deserved your attention, this is the one, one of the best compilations of 2010. Head over to Six Ton Armor to buy, and while you’re there download all 15 (maybe more when you read this!) of the Psychcasts, you will not be disappointed.

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  1. seriously, check out Six Ton Armor, buy the CD, its awesome, and download all the psychcasts for free!