Demdike Stare – Industrial Desert (Demdike Stare)


You either love them or hate them, but Demdike Stare will unsettle your mood. After releasing beautifully packaged vinyl releases Symbiosis, Liberation Through Hearing, Forest Of Evil, the most recent Voices Of Dust, and the original two incredibly limited untitled 12″ EP’s; as well as a number of self released mixes available from their Soundcloud, the Osmosis mixed CD, and the split mixed CD with Anworth Kirk; we now have the joy of listening to the next chapter in the mix series, Industrial Desert.

No track listing here, just a thick soup of stolen sounds, their own productions, and rediscovered lost gems from times past. Its hard to catagorise what Demdike Stare use for the ingredients of this latest serving, but one thing you can be assured of is the darkness, never venturing out of the shadows for the 56 minute duration. There are shards of dub techno, akin to a Rhythm & Sound aesthetic; layers of hauntology often heard in Ghost Box releases; world music tracks fed through the blender; spiritual jazz gems thrown into the mix, and there own take on krautrock, komische, drone with bass drops as big as any from dubstep. That’s what makes for a great listen; they’ve taken disparate styles and fed them through their machines, creating a fog that washes over everything, adding coherence to their kraut/psych soundscapes.

If you haven’t been exposed to the Demdike Stare sound, now is the time.

Wayne Stronell


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