L-OW – Pinpoint/Diver (Project Squared)


L-OW - Pinpoint

Project Squared is an emerging sub-label of Project Mooncircle, setup and co-run by Paul Cooper and Gordon Gieseking, venturing away from the organic hip-hop of its parent label, Project Squared will showcase emerging musical styles, loosely based on dub-techno and dubstep templates. Asusu and Furesshu bought us the first two outstanding releases of dub-techno, Asusu memorably injecting a Detroit vibe to his amazing slow build burner. L-OW, aka Margus Löve is an Estonian electronic music producer, DJ and a promoter, his take on dubstep music is characterized by his attention to the smallest of details, microscopic shifts in sound, building and layering low frequency basslines which tests PA systems to their limits.

“Pinpoint” has an addictive rhythmic propulsion to the beat and 808 percussion, with slabs of dub riding the rhythm, the pulsing bass would propel any discerning dancefloor, a mid-morning slow burner. “Diver” has a mellower more introspective vibe, reminiscent of early Rhythm & Sound releases, but without the noise debris, this is crisp and clean in its production, the syncopated rhythms somewhere between 2-step and dubstep. Furesshu adds a remix of “Diver”, mesmerizing with a straight 4-4 beat, soaked with dub that ebbs and flows atop the driving rhythm. Quality late night dancefloor fodder, from an emerging label, keep an eye on Project Squared. Buy.

Wayne Stronell


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