Epigon A.D:M – Perigone Shell EP (Narcorpses)


Epigon A.D:M - Perigone Shell

Relative newcomer to these ears, Epigon A.D:M has been lurking in the shadows creating cinematic soundscapes, infusing ballistic caliber hip-hop breaks with brooding electronics and worldly instrumentation. Having an ear for mood and theatrics, two of these tracks were created for Regan O´Brien for theatre works at Queens University in Belfast.

“Define Nextime” buries everything in a layer of dirt, from the prepared piano that sounds like an exotic string instrument, to the distorted eastern chant that envelopes all. “Throw Your Eyes In The Air” with Deviant on turntables create a Morgue-esque uneasy soundtrack, with subtle turntable manipulation, gives way to the title track, the first of the tracks created for theatre, detuned strings, brief lopping beats, you can really visualise this being the soundtrack to modern experimental theatre. “Choose Archetypes” features Son Of A Bricklayer on drums, bringing his loose head nodding beats to the mix, A.D:M adding a buried wall of atmospheric instrumentation to rival Dalek’ less noise oriented tracks. The other track created for theatre, “Themes For Emergency Procedure” is all the more experimental, just try and imagine a sleep deprived Aphex Twin jamming with Einsturzende Neubauten, and you start to get a vague image of the sound.

If you enjoy your beats experimental, and your soundscapes thick and murky, you’re going to love this, and there is no excuse not to go and grab it over at www.narcorpses.com, as its free. Get it now.

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